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  • About Us

    Yardley and Sheldon Rotary club is one of a group clubs within Rotary District 1060 which covers the whole of Birmingham.

    It was founded by charter in 1959. More details on its history can be found on our HISTORY page.

    The club meets every alternate Tuesday evenings at 6.45pm in the Holiday Inn at Birmingham Airport.

    You can find how to locate us by viewing this MAP.

    The dates of our meetings and of the various fund raising activities are to be found here.

  • Our Aims

    We aim to be a collabrative friendly group of individuals, no matter how diverse our backgrounds, ethnicity or gender.

    We seek to support the community in which we operate by being involved with that community.

    We intend to enjoy ourself and support each other.

    We also aim to promote the wider awareness and understanding of the role of Rotary in society.

  • Our News

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We initiate and own projects to raise money for specific causes (see right hand side of this page and our home page). These causes may change each year depending on which the then current president chooses for his or her term of office.

We also support the wider Rotary initiatives shown to the right

It could be you!

You are most welcome to come along as a guest to experience the warm and friendly atmosphere and perhaps help us in some of the projects that we are undertaking.

You too could get satisfaction from feeling involved in helping the community.

You too could help in the running of the club.

You too could enjoy the fellowship and warmth of being part of a successful team.