Yardley and Sheldon


Club information

  • District 1060 clubs

    We are part of a group of clubs which form District 1060 and that consists of an active and powerful group of local clubs..... List of Local Clubs

    District 1060 web site

  • Club Presidents

    Our current club president is Andrew Gillman.

    We have a complete list of Previous Presidents since 1959.

    President's Handover - June 2019

    Retiring President Tony hands over to President Andrew

  • Other Officers

    There are several roles within the club; - These include such roles as President; vice President; Secretary; Treasurer; Fund raising Coordination; Organising club meetings; Developing membership. However the key prelimiary contact is the Secretary who is currently Peter Roberts.

    Roles within our club and current owners.

  • You could get satisfaction from feeling involved in helping the community.

    You could help in the running of the club.

    You could enjoy the fellowship and warmth of being part of a successful team.