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  • Assam Sishu Kalyan Sadan Orphanage

    Where it is

    North Guwahati

    Nearby cities: Mangaldai, Shillong

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  • Our President Dev at the main gates in Nov 2017

    Our hard working project manager Sankar Kumar Das

  • Assam Sishu Kalyan Sadan is a non-government organisation working towards underprivileged children of the society.

    At present there are 30 children in the Sadan under the care of the Resident lady Sperintendent Ms. Dipali Mazumdar Deka closely supported by the President, the Secretary, two Vice-Presidents and the Treasurer along with the members of the Executive Committee.

    The caretaking staff consists of a House Mother Ms. Kabita Deka and five other elderly ladies residing with the children. The Sadan is like a home, the caretaking staff and the elder matrons look after the children and live there until the last days of their lives.

    Growing up in the homely environment in the Sadan campus, being surrounded by neighbours who are concerned and caring; helps the children in re-integrating with the society without much difficulty when they reach adulthood and become capable of supporting themselves.

    For up keep and maintenance, the Sadan depends upon voluntary contributions from the public, organizations and institutions in cash or in kind.

    However, a portion of its fund comes from its own resources such as the sale of milk from the in-house dairy, handloom products, vermi-compost manure, fruits and vegetables, sale of greeting cards, etc. besides the proceeds of interest of ASKS Trust Fund and fixed deposits.

    The children are assigned to take part in running the Sadan as a household and they are given specific duties in turns to assist the matrons and caretakers in task like cooking food and preparing snacks. Besides studies, they also take part in literary activities, music and art classes, hands-on computer training, gardening, cleaning the compound, co-curricular activities such as yoga and prayer sessions, playing in the afternoons, and other recreational activities.

    The children are grouped into three houses named Amalprabha Das, Malati Baruah and Indira Miri, in order to make them responsible and disciplined, imbibing a competitive spirit in them. Periodic assessments of the three groups are held and small gifts are given to the group judged as the best.

    The milk produced from the cattle-shed of the Sadan is consumed by the people on the premises and the excess quantity sold out. The cow dung of the Sadan is used to run the bio-gas plant of the Sadan

  • What we are supporting

    The orphanage is surrounded by a wall which was built many years ago to prevent people from outside abducting the vulnerable girls.

    It is now in a state of disrepair and our club is aiming to rebuild this wall. Current estimates are that it will cost some 12 thousand pounds. currently we are well on our way to achieving this target by the end of 2018.

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    (If you are a UK tax payer this will enable us to get 20% more by means of tax exemption under Section 80 G of Income Tax Act 1961).

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  • History

    Initially it was proposed to set up the institution for the welfare of destitute women and children named Assam Nari Aru Sishu Kalyan Sadan. A few days ahead of the meeting, an elderly public leader Shri Kamakhaya Ram Barua offered to donate sixteen bighas of patta land of Sundarbori, Jalukbari through Smti Amal Prava Das for the purpose. The offer was accepted and it was decided to set up the Sadan there. At about the same time, the CSWB in collaboration with the Government of Assam, decided to establish a home for destitute and rescued women to be called State Rescued Women’s Home and at the request of Smti Neera Dogra, the then Chairman of the Assam State Social Welfare Advisory Board, eight bighas of the aforesaid land were given away to the purpose.

    After the establishment of the home for women, a scheme for construction of a home for the destitute and orphaned children at the other half of the donated land was established and the Executive Committee in 1957 decided to rename the institution as Assam Sishu Kalyan Sadan

  • You could get a great deal of personal satisfaction from being involved in this project.