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      Please support our Purple4Polio Project

    The Purple4PolioPurple for Polio

    We are helping with ventures to support the "EndPolioNow" project shown elsewhere on this page .

        coaching for disabled

      • The Yardley and Sheldon Car hit the highways May 2018 on The Purple4Polio Rotary Grand Tour.---Some £1200 was raised.
      • Over the UK it is estimated that over £50,000 was raised. With the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation promise to triple funds, the final figure will be considerably more. .

      • Latest position on Polio world wide seeupdate

      • The Background to Purple4Polio

      • Rotary’s pledge for a polio free world was made in 1985 when there were 125 polio endemic countries and hundreds of new cases every single day. In 2017 there were only 22 cases in the entire world but as long as there is one single case anywhere children everywhere are at risk.To finish the job over 2 billion doses of oral polio vaccine have to be administered each and every year in over 60 countries until the world is finally certified polio free.

      • Polio information leaflet

      • It could be you!

        You are most welcome to come along as a guest to experience the warm and friendly atmosphere and perhaps help us in some of the projects that we are undertaking.

        You too could get satisfaction from feeling involved in helping the community.

        You too could help in the running of the club.

        You too could enjoy the fellowship and warmth of being part of a successful team.